Teri Hatcher is teaching us how to touch up our roots at home, and we're here for it

The Desperate Housewives star has made a video to show us all how to dye our hair at home, no salon needed

One of the many, many things we miss about self-isolation is our regular trip to the hairdresser. Whether you're in desperate need of a fringe trim, or your roots are creeping further and further down your head, perhaps you're thinking of taking things into your own hands.

Enter Teri Hatcher. The Desperate Housewives star posted a 15-minute long video on her Instagram explaining exactly how to dye your hair at home. Teri has been dyeing her own hair for decades, and so is something of an expert when it comes to the process. She explains that a friend asked how she does it, as she's attempting it herself for the first time now that salons are closed, and she decided to share her instructions with her followers, too.

Teri Hatcher's hair tutorial


At the beginning of the video, she shows her roots: "I am here in my bathroom with one of my cats, and my very grey hair,"  she says, before explaining that she had actually considered growing her grey out, but a hairdresser told her she should wait, as not all of her hair has turned grey yet.

The actor explains she started dyeing her roots herself when she was working on Desperate Housewives, as she couldn't find the time to go to the salon, and resorted to dyeing it herself late at night, when her daughter was asleep. Her go-to products are Clairol root touch up, and Garnier Olia for the rest of her head, but she's trying out a Madison Reed kit in this video.

Although Teri usually sticks to her natural brown, she explains that she went to a hairdresser to get ombre highlights last year. However, she explains that while she loved the effect, the bleaching damaged her hair too much, and so she's sticking to her DIY methods once again.

Watch the full video and pick up some more of Teri's tips below:


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