Team Freckle

Get ready to Anne-of-Green-Gables-it, freckles - real and fake - are summer beauty's biggest trend...

This season's beauty buzzwords are all about paring back and embracing the natural look. Sometimes it's about faking the natural look. Which is where Topshop's new Freckle Pencil, in stores this month, comes into your life. & Other Stories got in on the act last year with their freckle pencil available in shades like the rather poetic sounding ?Veiling Fawn? and now the High Street is taking the trend seriously.


This marbleized pencil is easy to use and makes each freckle a unique snowflake for your face, like the real thing. Kate Moss is a proud freckle bearer, and model Jade Thompson distinguishes her beautiful self by playing up her freckly features while Emma Stone is the main sun-kissed deity. So, freckles are in. Farewell layers of ?blemish correcting? foundation, it's too sunny anyway. For the freckle-free among us we're just going to have to pencil some spots on, - la Marie Antoinette.



Ellie Balfe, our editor and beauty brains, is Team Freckle. She says, ?I love freckles. ?They are so pretty and fresh and when someone decides not to camouflage them, that's a lovely sign of confidence in their own skin. When I've done makeup on shoots, I have been known to add a spattering of little dots over a models' nose and cheeks - freckles are gorgeous! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!? Go forth and smatter them across your face to your heart's content.

Topshop's Freckle Pencil is available in stores this month and will retail around €7.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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