Take 3

Once upon a time, spiky, brittle lashes were the price we had to pay for a full-on flutter. But new advances in technology mean, if we choose our weapons wisely, this particular beauty battle might be won.

Soft, supple lashes combined with volume are where it's at, tying in with the current trend for a groomed, precise effect. Women now want to look naturally flawless, which means it's the little things that count.

For full, soft lashes that are clump and crunch-free, try these three for size. The best bit? There's not a high-end pricetag in sight.

Max Factor Clump Defy
The small, curved brush mimics the natural shape of the eye, combing through the lashes for a feathery, fanned out effect.? The thinner formula layers beautifully, and totally lives up to its name - there's not a clump in sight.??13.99


Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex
This supersize brush delivers supersize volume, with no crunchiness. Lashes look lush but feel soft and comfortable, and there's no smudging or flaking throughout the day. Flexier lashes, says the ad campaign - and you know what?? It's right. €8.95

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum? Express Mascara
The secret here is the flexible wand which, combined with the oversized brush, lifts and coats every lash. A new gel mousse formula creates long, glossy lashes that are supple, not spiky. A great daytime pick, this one lifts, separates and softly defines. €11.99

By Emma Henderson @fluffyblog

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