Sustainable hair: Better bottles and brushes for planet-friendly styling

Small sustainable hair changes can make a big difference. Here are some ways you can care for the planet while caring for your locks...

Sustainable hair

With a little bit of understanding and investigation, you can shop much more sustainably than ever before now, with brand after brand revising their planet-friendly practices. Here are some suggestions for conscious hair product buys.

Bottle brilliant


As of 2018, Kevin Murphy's OWP initiative (which involves changing the shape of their bottles) means that every single bottle they produce from then on would be made only of ocean waste plastic that has been reclaimed from the ocean.

Kevin Murphy, owner of the eponymous brand, says: "We are always fine tuning the processes of the company to be more sustainable whether that is in our packaging, ingredients, shipping methods or our manufacturing processes."

sustainable hair

Brush with beauty

Great Lengths have just launched a range of sustainable wooden brushes, so no more plastic ones when next you're buying a brush. They use longer nylon filaments which gently untangle the hair resulting in smooth and pain-free brushing.

I adore my Great Lengths brushes for when I've extensions, they're the only things that get through them without hurting.

sustainable hair


Great Lengths Small Wooden Brush, €31 from

River deep

French pharmacy super brand Klorane launched a range called Aquatic Mint this year, and not only is it incredible for your hair, it's ingredients work to depollute rivers.

The aquatic mint was found to remove damaging metals from water in rivers, and so each time you buy the product, you're contributing to research and planet-friendly initiatives that Klorane are committed to on an ongoing basis.

sustainable hair

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