Supermarket Skincare That Works?

Can a no frills skincare line really deliver beauty thrills?

SuperValu have just launched their first ever own-brand skincare range, Pure+Kind, with six basic face and body products all priced under a fiver. The prices may be cheap but they've big aspirations. Decent ingredients can be found at the core of all of the formulas, from coconut and shea, to CoQ10 and sweet almond, some of which are organic and all of which aim to hydrate and nourish sensitive Irish skin. On closer inspection of the ingredients list however, all the skin goodies as listed above come in minuscule quantities, so we're not sure if they have any real long-term benefits.

So what about the here and now? I've offered up my hyper-sensitive visage to see if these products can truly deliver.

Pure+Kind Body Butter, €5.00


Starting with Pure+Kind's most expensive product, this body butter (made of natural shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil) does what it should, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling pretty delicious. Beware, however, if like myself you're currently ravaged by eczema, as the scented ingredients will do nothing but add tingling pain to the situation.

Pure+Kind Facial Moisturiser, ?3.00

A run-of-the-mill moisturiser - unperfumed and uncolored - with soothing almond and borage oils, vitamins E and B and aloe vera. It's satisfactory, that is all.

Pure+Kind Anti-wrinkle Serum, €4.50, Anti-wrinkle Q10 Day Cream, €4.00, ?Anti-ageing Q10 Night Cream, ?4.00

Wrinkle creams often find it tough to deliver due to big claims, but one must keep in mind that the most important part in combating signs of ageing is to put water back into the skin. This trio does just that with hydrating active ingredients like CoQ10, hyaluronic acid and argan, almond and jojoba oils. Yet, while the floral and citrus scents are pleasing, they may not be as well received by super sensitive skins.

Pure+Kind Cleansing Lotion, €3.00

If you're not bothered with agonizingly-long skincare regimes involving numerous different lotions, then this unassuming cleanser is the perfect double-up product as it leaves your skin in no need of moisturiser. It's ultra gentle on delicate skin and perfect for makeup removal; the sweet almond oil is key to eradicating any stubborn mascara without tearing delicate lashes.


In short this range does the trick: it's beyond basic but it delivers. However, though the name Pure+Kind seems synonymous with gentle skincare, beware of the scented products in the range if your skin is hyper delicate.

Cecilia Lacombe

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