Summer Hair Trends: Going Icy Blonde

Looking for a change? Forget everything your ma said about going blonde because it's time to go platinum.

Blonde isn't a new trend but a few times a year, a new blonde appears in the world who sends a host of women running for the hair salon. Every year Gwen Stefani makes us want to go platinum. A couple of years ago it was a platinum Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week. Before that we had Khaleesi and this year it was Cara Delevingne. Before she went bald for her new movie role and shook the world with her critique of mainstream beauty standards, Cara dyed her hair white blonde as a sort of 'last hurrah'.

White blonde nows reigns supreme as a summer 2017 hair trend, and is?a look that is?flattering no matter what your age. Before you grab the bleach to emulate this trend, please read our do's and don't on how to get an icy-looking, clean tone without destroying your?hair.




Even think about trying this at home, young lady. This is territory for a colourist who has skillz?and won't happen with a once off box dye. You may need a few salon visits to lighten your hair without destroying it. Certain looks take time and money.

Don't overwash your hair. Hair cuticles open when your hair is wet and your dye particles leak, so even though dry shampoo maybe be the make-up wipes for hair, sometimes you just need it. You don't need anything too fancy, classic white dry shampoo formulas like Batiste?is fine, and now that you're an icy?blonde, you can use it to hide your roots when you start to grow a bit of a shadow.


Use a heat protecting spray when drying your hair and using heated tools. You know this by now, we all know this. Some pre-heat sprays also help to maintain and lock in your colour, and you're gonna need that with icy blonde.?


Buy a purple toner shampoo to keep yellow and brassy tones at bay. Investing in a toning shampoo and/or conditioner is a must to keep hair bright and fresh between salon visits. Try Touch Of Silver Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo, €3.

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Check out Sienna Miller, Katy Perry, Kirsten Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Bosworth circa 2011 for more clean, icy blonde-spiration.

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