Stop Press! Grace Coddington's New Fragrance Launches

You know that phrase about 'bottling' something heretofore intangible? A mood, an energy, an atmosphere? It's an evocative way to portray a desirable creativity or some such ethereal state of being...

Well now you can bottle Grace Coddington, Vogue's long-term and much revered creative director. The flame-haired visionary is probably one of the fashion world's most respected creators with her shoots and styling for Vogue being pored over by both fashion professionals and amateurs alike.

Her turn to fragrance is super-exciting to any fashion and beauty fan as we know what an interesting scent it will no doubt be. We're not talking just any celeb collab here - far from it (naturally) - we're expecting something elegant and refined with her intangible twist.

What we know so far:

  1. The rose based fragrance called Grace by Grace Coddington is a collaboration with Comme De Gar?ons
  2. It launches on April 19th and will be sold via Dover St Market
  3. Grace took to Instagram last week to announce it via a cute illustrated video.
  4. We'll be buying it!

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