Star Wars Beauty Collab Planned

US make-up giant CoverGirl is allegedly planning a Star Wars-themed range, which is a little bit terrifying. While Princess Leia is a full-on beauty icon with her natural look and those buns, The Phantom Menace was as far from Sexy Halloween a girl could get. Remember Natalie Portman's geisha appropriation as Queen Amidala? And Darth Maul's entire face? Interesting.

The branded range will coincide with The Force Awakens, the seventh installation in the franchise which is now owned by Disney, according to fansite Rebel Scum. Apparently photos of the range have been leaked, with looks based around ?Empress? and ?Jedi?. There's also some handy beauty illustrations knocking about to inspire to, including The Light Side, Monad, Sage and Droid. Ex Machina, eat your chrome heart out.

Now, if you're all excited and delighted at the prospect of making your face up like a princess with Jedi powers, do tread with caution. These prototypes may not be real. The hype for this Star Wars film is hitting unprecedented levels with every rumour and tease attracting column inches the like new media has never seen.

Would you wear Star Wars themed make-up? Personally we'd love to see a haircare range from the galaxy far, far away. How did Carrie Fisher's hair manage to look so glossy? Whatever hairspray held Natalie Portman's head up needs to be patented. And then there's Chewbacca. Where were the knots?!


Rebel Scum

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