Spring Clean Your Beauty Regime

If you're anything like us, you're looking around your life and recognising the urge to lighten it up a little. Cleaning windows and dropping clothes to charity shops are?no doubt great endeavours, but let's begin this cleansing process with something a little easier, shall we?

Let's embrace five ways to pep up your beauty regime for Spring.

  1. Switch up your foundation to something a little lighter. Move from full coverage to something light, dewy and transparent. BB's, CC's and water-based tints are where it's at. Check out L'Oreal Skin Perfection BB cream, the classic Face & Body by MAC or the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water. Let that lovely skin show girl!
  2. Try a coloured liner. Leave the black to night (and winter), this Spring we're all about the coloured lines with deep forest greens especially rocking our boat. Try navy blue for brown eyes, purple for hazel and some gorgeous metallics for evening. Take a look at Urban Decay's offering, you'll feel all snazzy and new-season-ish.
  3. Kill the contour. This writer thinks this should be a rule to live by, but each to their own etc. If you're still hooked on it as a beauty basic, then fine, but at least add a soft, pretty pink cream blusher to the apples of the cheeks to add some zest to all that two-toned shading.
  4. Soften the brows.?Leave the heaviness of a fully filled in brow to darker days, and instead choose to lightly sketch some definition through the hairs (keyword is 'lightly'!). Spring faces are light, open and pretty. So are Spring brows.
  5. Go brighter on lips. Berries be gone. And browns, beige-nudes and purples may also take their leave for that matter. Say hello to orangey-reds, sheer peachy-pinks and anything that looks like super-healthy lip colour. Wear with a soft wash of metallic cream shadow on eyes and a cream blush. Your teeth will look whiter and your entire face will look brighter.

Win win. Enough said.

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