The spot-busting solutions that WILL work in time for your work Christmas party

You know that sinking feeling, that sudden tingle, that 'not today, Satan' thought that crosses your mind when you realise there's a completely unwelcome and undeserved spot about to emerge somewhere on your face? Yes, unfortunately, we're all too familiar.

And why, you ask, does it always seem to happen the week before a wedding or the day before your Christmas party? You'd think all the time we spend not winning the lotto would mean we're due a bit of luck. Alas, not so.
Thankfully, the beauty overlords are aware of this plight and have given us some truly effective and reliable products with which to banish the dreaded mini-breakout in time for our sequins and champagne. Here are three that I have personally tried and tested (one for a spot that emerged on the tip of my nose three days before my own wedding).
Soon to be an iconic product, Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion is a bi-phase product that works amazingly well. Use it on clean skin for best results.
I rely on this far too much - use it at night on a pimple and see a massive reduction in size and redness by the next morning, if it's not completely gone. Genius!
Pricey but worth it, this one is great for hormonal breakouts and can be used on a slightly larger area.

Some pearls of 'been there, done that' wisdom before I let you go -

1. Never, ever, ever pick your spots. At any stage of the spot process.
2. Don't conceal your spot with a concealer lighter than your foundation. That's highlighting the problem.
3. Don't put toothpaste anywhere near your face. Trust me. Teeth only, people.

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