Here are the SPF products we wish the Love Islanders would use

My main question when watching Love Island?! WHERE are all the SPF products? Why is everyone so sunburned? I worry for them, and wish I could send in this handy SPF list and set of basic guidelines...

Let's be honest. We all have many, many questions that arise from watching Love Island. Beauty questions, specifically, like: Who does Molly-Mae's extensions and can they do mine? How many bottles of micellar water do they get through every day? Who's shaving Anton while his mam is back in the UK? But most of all, my question every episode is this.

WHY is everyone getting sunburned?

Don't they know?


Sun tanning is sun damage. Sun burn is sun damage. Any colour change in your skin? Sun. Damage.

The Love Islanders are opening themselves up to skin cancer, premature skin ageing and lots more, nevermind having the absolute worst influence on young and impressionable viewers of the show.

Anton's cheeks, Amy's decollétage, Lucie's... everything. I just don't understand what they're doing wrong, because (well done, producers!) we actually do see them applying sun cream. They possibly aren't doing it correctly, and so here are some tips for getting it right.

The basic rules of SPF:

  • get one with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • apply more than you think you need - the more coverage the better
  • go with as high a factor as possible, factor 50 for face and no less than 30 elsewhere
  • reapply constantly, even if you haven't been in water

My picks for the best protection

For the face:


SPF products

IMAGE Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF 32+

€46.50 from

For the body:

SPF products

Lancaster Sun Sensitive Softening Body Milk, SPF 50

€41 from


For long-lasting protection:

SPF products

P20 Continuous Spray

€30 from

Top photo via Love Island, ITV

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