SOS: Your Hair Phobias Cured

When it comes to our hair, very few of us would describe ourselves as adventurous. We tend to stick to the same hair routines, day in, day out, merely browsing Pinterest for inspiration but never quite working up the courage to go under the... scissors. Ever dreamed of chopping your locks into a bob but not sure if it will suit your face shape? And what about a fringe? Or even more scarier, an entirely new colour? Here, share their well considered cures for our every hair related phobia.

1. I hate wearing my hair up


PHOBIA: For many women, their locks stay resolutely around their shoulders and never touch a hairband.

CURE: Find the right ponytail to suit your face shape and there will be no need to hide behind your hair.


For round faces, high ponytails will look great whilst square faces should be framed by escaping tendrils from the ponytail.


2. I'm scared to change my colour


PHOBIA: You've had the same natural hair colour all your life and anything else would feel strange.

CURE: Find out what shades would suit your natural skin tone and randomly pick one - you'd be surprised at how much a colour change can completely transform your look.

If you don't want to commit, try an ombre style then cut off your ends when you're bored of it.


3. I'm not brave enough for a pixie cut

PHOBIA: Despite so many people insisting you'd suit the crop, you haven't braved the trip to the salon yet for fear of looking too butch.

CURE: Chances are your friends are right. Pixie cuts are so easy to style and such an effective way to update your look - plus your cheekbones will look amazing.

Again, evaluate your face shape - oval shaped faces can pull off nearly any style of pixie cut but heart-shaped ladies should aim to add height at the crown to elongate your face.


4. I can't live without my hair straighteners



PHOBIA: You've spent years getting your frizz under control with your trusty hair straighteners and now you can't seem to let go.

CURE: Step away from the irons - they are extremely damaging to your hair and can cause split ends.

Instead, wash your hair with straightening shampoo and conditioner, then after towel drying it, roll up in two large rollers and let it dry naturally - sleeping in them overnight is a good way to do this.


5. I'd never suit a fringe



PHOBIA: You've seen celebrities rocking their block fringes but have no idea if you can pull one off.


CURE: Don't commit to a fringe but take one for a test drive. You can get clip in fringes in a variety of styles and shades to play with before taking the plunge.

6. I don't know how to accessorise

PHOBIA: You've seen hair accessories that look great at festivals and on Pinterest but when you try them you feel like a girl playing dress up.

CURE: Aim to make the accessories look effortless but edgy - if you wearing a glitzy hair band then put your hair in a loose, messy bun and keep your make up dark.

Also hair holds better in clips and barrettes in second-day hair so don't wash it the day you decide to accessorise.


7. My up dos are always the same


PHOBIA: You have a go-to style when it comes to weddings and parties that always works but you're tired of seeing your same up do tagged in photos.


CURE: The more try-hard an up do is the worst it will look. Try replacing your standard up do with loose plaits or fishtail braids - they are set to be the biggest catwalk trends in 2015.




8. I can't style my short hair

PHOBIA: You loved your bob when you first got it but now you're stuck in a style rut with the same do everyday.

CURE: Invest in some good quality hair extensions and have fun experimenting with lots of long hair styles - then you can unclip then when you want to go back to your short style.


9. My hair gets greasy after washing


PHOBIA: After one day of washing, your roots are already greasy so you need to wash it yet again.


CURE: Washing your hair everyday can strip its natural oils so try to wash it every other day.

If you're worried about greasy roots then discover the magic that is dry shampoo. Pop a can in your handbag for root touch ups during the day.



10. My styles fall flat an hour after

PHOBIA: We've all been there - you've spent ages styling your hair but the minute you step out the door the typical British climate leaves it flat and dull.

CURE: Lay off the conditioner as that can make fine hair fall flat. Instead, get plenty of mousse on the crown of your hair, which will uplift roots.


Also, invest in a good quality hairspray that works for your hair type and help styles keep their shape whatever the weather.

(Pics from Pinterest)

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