Softly Does It: what The Professionals Have To Say About Mixa

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Mixa was created in 1924 by a French apothecarist Dr Roger. It originated as a product for dry and sensitive skin and this year it launches in Ireland. Dr Roger first created a wonderful hand cream for women working in laundry factories, to treat their dry hands. The ointment became so popular that Mix went into large-scale production. Dr Roger’s expertise in mixing ingredients has since inspired Mixa to provide dermo-cosmetic solutions for sensitive skin.

Today, Mixa is devoted to improving the comfort of sensitive skin, with a range of performing body care solutions that are designed to comfort and moisturise. The product is tested under dermatological control, paraben free and come in a variety of bathroom and budget-friendly sizes. But don't just take it from us, here's what the real skin experts have to say about the new Mixa collection.

The Expert Opinions


The Skin Nerd


“Skin Nerd by name, and by nature, I love nothing more than finding the perfect solution to a skin complaint. Sensitive skin seems to be more and more of an issue with the clients I see, so I need products that I know will deliver excellent results. I sample hundreds of new launches every year; what I love about the Mixa range is its authenticity. You know what you’re getting when you look at the back of the bottle. My hero from the range is the SOS Repair Hand Cream – I have extra dry hands, and this cream has a beautiful texture, and I find it protects my dry skin.”

D R  E M M A   W E D G E W O R T H

Consultant Dermatologist

“When reviewing and recommending products in the clinic, I need ones that deliver results reliably, and can really help the whole family. The Mixa range does this, as there’s a formulation that can address a spectrum of specific skincare issues, using gentle, but effective dermo-cosmetic ingredients for sensitive skin. The hero, Cica Repair Balm, is a great all-round product for skin that is suitable for use on both adults and children over the age of three. It’s an ideal cupboard staple to help moisturise. Its multi-functional use means it can help reinforce the skin’s barrier function as well as moisturise the face, lips, body and hands.”

M E L I S S A  M I L L S B A R I


Digital influencer @tignam

“I find that I’m living my life in the public eye more and more, so I really need to up my game in terms of self-care. While I’ve always been attentive to my face and hair, sometimes I might overlook the rest of my body. Since trying Mixa Firming Body Lotion, I’ve noticed instant benefits. It helps to leave my skin feeling firmer and looking better. I also love the Anti-Dryness formula to get moisture back into my skin and make it look glossy. I’m impressed by the price points of the Mixa range – it’s excellent value, which means I can have a few bottles in the bathroom, and a number of hand creams on the go, so I can choose a specific product, depending on what I feel my skin needs.”

Mixa is now available in leading pharmacies nationwide.

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