Skincare Guide: What To Expect In Your 20s, 30s, 40s And Beyond

As you go from your twenties to your thirties, forties and beyond, a lot can change when it comes to your skin, and a lot can change in terms of your routine, and what will and won't work for your own set of skincare concerns. With that in mind, here we enlist the help of resident beauty expert Ellie Balfe who shares her words of wisdom on what your skin can expect as the years go by.


In our early twenties, our skin can still be in recovery mode from the hormonal onslaught that is our teens, so might be still re-balancing to settle on a particular skin type that will last the decade. Some people may experience some adult acne or skin that feels as though it is lurching from dry to oily with no real warning. The key here is not to overload your skin with products - just keep it simple and stick to a regime for a period of time to really see balanced results - too much chopping and changing between products will upset the skin. The pillars of good skin are a) great cleansing and b) using a proper SPF (every single day). If your skin is dry, find a nourishing cream cleanser and massage it in well each night to encourage the bloodstream to hurry up and oxygenate the skin leaving a glowing complexion. If skin is oiler or clogged in any way, find a light AHA based cleanser which will help to speed up the skin's turnover and get things clear and clean. When it comes to SPF- everyone needs to wear a minimum of 20 - no arguments! It is the single most anti-aging thing you can do for your skin.



The focus for skincare changes when you move into your thirties into the nourishing, anti-aging zone. Regarding your skin type, it will probably have settled into a distinct type and you will have learnt how to manage its hormonal and seasonal peaks and troughs. Be mainly mindful of supporting the skin in its natural defences to the environmental aggressors you encounter; keep the SPF daily and high. In the winter stay at 20 but find a good 50 for the summer months - there are some amazing products on the market now, so heavy, greasy, white coloured SPF's are a distant memory. Try very hard to resist the urge to get a natural tan on your face (or anywhere for that matter!), there are some fantastic false tan products available now that will ensure you achieve that desirable 'healthy glow' that is actually truly healthy.
When it comes to upgrading your skincare regime, think in terms of nourishment at all times. Add in a good serum to be an extra layer of armour for your skin. Use the serum on clean skin under moisturiser and notice the benefits in a short matter of time. Another product to introduce in your thirties is a good eye cream - keep the formula light for day time so as not to interfere with your makeup routine.

40s / 50s


As you arrive at your forties and beyond, your skincare regime changes again. A lot of people's skin can lose luminosity and volume so specific products to help with this come in as great additions to any skincare arsenal. Drier skins can appear dull, so a luminous or oil based serum may be ideal. Face masks are also a fantastic weekly treatment to pep up skin that's looking a little lacklustre. If you've found a brand or skincare system that works in synergy with your complexion, don't switch around too much. Believe it or not, skin can get stressed too, so keep it simple with no surprises! You will notice the constantly encroaching fine lines around the eyes in this decade, so invest in a seriously focussed eye cream for your skin type. Used every day and night, eye creams really do work, so keep the faith and keep them going. At this age, makeup can make or break your look and the most anti-aging approach is to keep it light and dewy on the complexion - this will add a blur effect to the skin and will add radiance (even if it's not there!). Stick to muted shades on your eyes, learn to master eyeliner that pulls your eyes upwards and for once and for all find your perfect go-to lipstick shade.

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