From skincare fans to fussy dads: nature-inspired gifts for everyone on your list this Christmas

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Why nature-inspired skincare is our fail-safe gifting plan this Christmas.

With the festive season fast approaching, so too is that long list of people you want to buy a special gift for. Quality skincare is always a great option – whether it’s hand cream, soap, or serum – as it’s part of a everyday ritual that your recipient will enjoy long after the decorations have been taken down. 

L’Occitane is known for its luxurious skincare products, and what’s more, the brand is committed to protecting the natural environment that provides so many of their ingredients. They work with farmers and producers in Provence, Corsica and Burkina Faso to grow in a sustainable way. As well as ensuring their natural ingredients are fully traceable to the farm they were harvested from, they also support organic farming and replanting trees and hedgerows. 

The environmental benefits don’t stop at the production of these luxurious products, as L’Occitane also runs a recycling programme with TerraCycle® in its Irish stops. This allows you to bring in your empty beauty and skincare products from L'Occitane or any beauty brand to be recycled, and you’ll receive 10 per cent off a new full-sized product.


Their natural ingredients nourish the skin and provide immersive scents that allow you to take a moment to enjoy them. We’ve picked out a few of our L’Occitane favourites that we’ll be gifting to the special people on our list this Christmas to give you some shopping inspiration. 

Secret Santa

Whether it’s at work, in your book club or among a large group of friends, chances are, you’re going to be part of at least one Secret Santa this Christmas. They usually come with a spending limit, but you still want the gift to feel special. 

Something from L’Occitane’s Honey Harvest range is ideal and you can pick from a rich shea butter body cream, lip balm and hand cream, and each (excluding the bath pearls) is made with extracts of lavender honey. With its cute festive packaging, you can mix and match the products to suit your recipient. 

It’s also a gift that gives back, as since 2012, L'Occitane has been working with French ecological research institutes to find ways to save lavender, which is under threat from climate change. Actions such as selecting new varieties of plants and using innovative cultivation techniques, they’re working to preserve this special plant for future generations.


The skincare obsessive

It seems that everyone has at least one person in their life that’s obsessed with skincare. Whether it’s your sister that always tells you about the latest wonder serum or a friend who could have a degree in cleansers, it’s not too hard to know that they’d love a treat for their skin this Christmas. 

The L’Occitane Immortelle Reset gift set is perfect for this. Including the newly released Immortelle Precious Cream, Immortelle Reset Serum, and two cleansing products: Immortelle Essential Water and Immortelle Cleansing Oil, it’s a routine that leaves skin refreshed and revived. Each contains oil extracted from the Immortelle flower, which grows on the lush island of Corsica and has unique anti-ageing properties.

Your dad


It doesn’t have to be your dad, but most of us have at least one hard-to-buy-for man in our lives. “You don’t have to get me anything”, they insist, but you want to give them something to show you care. 

That’s why this year we’re going for the L’Homme Cologne Cedrat gift set. Not only does it include an Eau de Toilette, it also has an after-shave gel cream and a shower gel, all of which blend citrus notes of cedrat with icy notes of mint and woody spices, so even the most reluctant gift-receiver will be secretly delighted.

Your best friend

She does so much for you: listens non-judgmentally when you need a rant, gives great advice, and lets you borrow her clothes even though you’re terrible at giving them back. So why not treat her this Christmas with a Herbae par L’Occitane gift set?


Inspired by the wild grasses that grow in the heart of Provence, combined with notes of bramble, wild rose and white nettle, each product has a fresh and floral scent. Including a refreshing soap, a delicately-fragranced Eau de Parfum, a hand cream she can pop in her bag, and an indulgent shower gel, it will add a touch of luxury to her everyday routine. 


If you have the willpower to give the L’Occitane Luxury Advent Calendar away, you’re a better person than we are. Including products like the Immortelle Reset Serum, Herbae par L’Occitane fragrance, and the beloved Almond Shower Oil, we can’t wait to discover what's behind the door every day in the countdown to Christmas. After all, you deserve a treat after all that excellent gifting. 

Featured image: Festive Garden Ultra Light body cream €24.50, Festive Garden shower foam €18.50, Festive Garden Fabulous Oil €29, Festive Garden hand cream €10.50. 

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