The six simple eye make-up hacks you didn't know you needed

There's nothing I love more than a new make-up hack to make my life easier when applying a full face. Here are six eye-specific hacks that I use pretty much every time I do an 'out out' eye make-up look.

De-puff while you buff

If you're going mad with the eye make-up, I'd recommend doing the shadow before you start your base, so as not to completely wreck it. What I would also say is, apply a couple of those hydrating under-eye pads to (a) collect up any drop down/glitter that might fall (saving time on clean up) and (b) so that your eye area is de-puffed and moisturised, ready to take on your concealer and not let it settle into the fine lines.


Bliss Eye Got This eye patch masks, €4

Mascara Mix 'n Match

Who says you have to use one mascara to do every part of your lashes? I mix it up - I use a lengthening one for my first coat, amp it up with a volumising one for my second coat, and I use a really fine, waterproof one for my lower lashes so if my eyes water (reader, if I cry) there's no evidence on my face.

Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof mascara, €31

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Let off some steam


Did you ever get home from a night out and crave the instant relief of peeling your false lashes off, only to find they're glued on far more tightly than you'd ever imagined they could be? Clinging on for dear life like a reality star to their 15 minutes of fame? Whip out some hot water in a bowl, steam your face (gently!) and the glue will loosen, allowing you to peel them off much more easily.

Kiss Blooming False Lashes in Peony, €9.49

Dry that glue

This is something a make-up artist told me years ago in the toilet of a nightclub (a place where women are nothing but supportive and encouraging, FYI) while I was trying to rescue a half-hanging off eyelash without any glue to hand. She told me that when I'm doing my make-up, I should apply the glue to my lashes about five or six minutes before I want to apply them. The tackier the glue, the easier application will be and the longer the lashes will stay on.

Duo Glue, €6.49


Blending friend

Something I always seem to run out of is that 'base' shade of eyeshadow. It's the first one to go on any palette, I suppose because you're using it over the largest area, as well as using it to blend colours together and to soften harsh lines. So, what I've started to do instead is use loose powder to blend with. I use it over my foundation (or concealer, or eyelid primer - whatever you use on your lids before shadow) to set the lid and then use little bits of it to buff and blend.

Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder, €42

Hot curls wanted

This is something I've witness many make-up artists doing on beauty shoots over the years, but never really tried myself until recently. Heat up your eyelash curler (gently!) with your hairdryer and you'll get a much more pronounced curl on your lashes as a result. Don't, for the love of Huda, try to curl your lashes when your mascara is already on. Just no.


No7 Lift and Curve Eyelash Curler, €9.95

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