Simple hair: Styles to turn to when you need a lift but are feeling lazy

We know you are sitting at home with no one to admire your tresses, but trust us, taking five minutes to do your hair will lift your mood. 

Simple hair doesn't have to mean bad hair. Sometimes the easiest styles to achieve end up looking the best, proving good hair doesn't need to be complicated.

We've taken inspiration from Missoni, Prada, Fendi and more here to show you how to recreate some enduringly classic and really simple hair looks for days when you have no energy but need a lift. In spite of catwalk fashion looks having a reputation as being tricky to pull off for mere mortals, a lot of the time the beauty looks have to be super fast (hundreds of looks to complete backstage means simple hair, make-up and nails in some cases).

Simple hair: Half up, half down


simple hair

simple hair

I'll admit, this one is my go-to when it comes to lazy-girl hair. First, I split my hair right down the middle. Then (without much care at all) I take sections from my split just to above my ear, pull them back and secure them with either clips or a small bobbin.

I finish with some hairspray and a cursory straighten with my ghd.

simple hair

ghd Platinum + Styler

€197.10 (on sale) from Peter Mark


Simple hair: The Bun

simple hairsimple hairsimple hair

Whether it's right on the top of your head, mid-way down or low slung at your neck, there is probably nothing handier than a bun.

Pull back all your hair, smoothing it out to your scalp as you go. Secure a ponytail with an elastic (I love Invisibobbles for this) and then wrap the remaining hair around your elastic, securing any loose ends with kirby grips. Easy!

Simple hair: The Pony

simple hair

Taking inspiration from Prada, pulling your hair back into a low pontail - no matter the length - and smoothing it out shouldn't take too long. Throw on an embellished or colourful hairband for added effect (and added ease).


simple hair

Prada Satin-Silk Hairband

€190 from

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Photos from Jason Lloyd Evans

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