Sienna Miller Inspires Us To Go Red

Why not kick the season off with a bang by changing up your hair colour? As evidenced by the staggering number of celebrities changing their colour right here, red is the undisputed hue of autumn 2015, but the key with this look is to opt for copper and orangey tones instead of anything deep or blueish that would serve only to cool down your look. As the temperatures drop and we start to feel that familiar evening chill, nothing will warm your cheeks up more than this gorgeous, earthy shade.

Those with bright blue eyes will benefit particularly from this shade as your peepers will pop from a mile away. Don't believe us? Check out Sienna Miller's new look. And as for those with deep brown eyes, you've got absolutely nothing to fear here; copper hair and brown eyes are a match made in heaven. What's important to keep in mind, however, is that a change of colour like this may also require a rejig in the make-up department; opt for a simple slick of black mascara and eyeliner instead of a heavy smokey eye as your hair will make enough of a statement on its own.

Whatever you do, make sure to have this done by a professional rather than a dodgy DIY job (in fact we suggest you never try any sort of colouring at home, unless you're okay with tears in your bathtub). Try Dylan Bradshaw for experienced colourists who'll talk you through your transformation and put your concerns at ease.









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