Shopping Fix: this mint shampoo makes me feel like I have a new head

Feeling a bit gross? What you need is a mint shampoo

Do you ever have a day where you just want to feel really, really clean?

Maybe you couldn’t face showering yesterday and today you feel disgusting and want to emerge from the shower as a new person. Maybe your tan is beginning to look like Tiger bread and now you want to scrub yourself from head to toe, shave your whole body and have skin as soft as a puppy’s belly. Maybe something disgusting happened; you had to unclog your toilet or clean up your dog’s vomit and now you want to set yourself on fire and then bathe in bleach.

When I have one of those days, I reach for mint shampoo. Specifically, the Klorane Aquatic Cleansing Shampoo €11.50.


It’s a satisfying ocean-blue gel colour, and as soon as you crack the lid open, you feel your sinuses completely clear. Lather it into your head and leave it in for as long a you can — you’ll feel your scalp tingling nicely and all the air in the shower will feel cold on your scalp, leaving you with goosebumps on your head. Your hair feels squeaky clean instantly, thanks to the aquatic mint’s antioxidant powers that zap your hair of pollution, heavy metals, built-up hair products, dirt and cigarette smoke. It’s like giving your scalp a wash with menthol chewing gum.

The immaculate, scrubbed feeling stays outside of the shower too; your scalp feels like it's breathing and your hair smells like mouthwash for the rest of the day, so you feel fresher with the whiff you get from every swish of your hair. Best of all is how your hair feels after it’s dried; it’s feather-light and airy and absolutely glistening with cleanliness.

Next time you’re having a gross day, your head feels scratchy from over-using dry shampoo or you just want to emerge from the shower feeling like a different person, reach for this.

Klorane Anti-Pollution Detox Shampoo with Aquatic Mint 200ml

Klorane Aquatic Mint Shampoo, €11.50, is available from selected pharmacies nationwide.

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