Shopping Fix: the serum-infused mascara and eyebrow gel for longer, fuller brows and lashes

Meet the serum-infused mascara and eyebrow gel that will get you longer, fuller lashes and brows instantly and over time

We're living in the Golden Age of beauty, people. Once upon a time, I would have had to preface each new mascara launch with a "this won't end up down your cheeks by lunch" and each new eyebrow gel with a "this won't make your brows crunchy."

Not anymore. The more we demand in beauty, the more we get. "I want a dry shampoo that actually cleans my hair and makes me feel fresh instead of gross!" we shout. Here you go, take three. "I want to wear foundation that actually makes my skin better instead of worse!" we command. Sure thing, here's tons. The more Veruca Salt we get, the more we receive. Which brings me to a new eyecare range, and a tip of my hat to all of you who continue to boss the beauty industry into more, more, more.

If you fiercely protect each lash (and you should, they're magic, they grant us wishes) and each eyebrow hair that survived The Great Plucking Of The 1990s, you no longer need to feel like you need to ration your use of mascara or brow gel.


Bareminerals is a brand who has taken on board all of our serious complaints - they're vegan, packaged in recyclable and post-consumer recycled materials where possible and always make an effort to be conscious of their environmental impact (their Christmas range comes pre-packed to look like a wrapped gift to save you wrapping). They've also taken on board our beauty complaints, with a new mascara and eyebrow gel that will give you 65% fuller-looking lashes and 100% fuller-looking brows in just 8 weeks.

The bareMinerals Strength and Length collection is formulated with a powerful plant-based serum made of Red Clover Flower to give hardcore strengthening power to your lashes and brows. There's also an essential mineral blend in the formula for deep conditioning, while supporting the hair root to help you lose less precious brows and lashes while helping to boost your natural hair growth.

The result is a brow and mascara that are both long-wearing, smudge-proof, flake-proof, clump-proof and remove easily with make-up remover. And of course, shiny, fuller, longer brows and lashes.

bareMinerals Strength and Length Serum-Infused Mascara, €26

Alright, what else is there? Aside from fuller lashes instantly and over-time, meet a new patent-pending mascara paddle brush, designed to mimic an old make-up artist's hack of using a spoon to lift lashes. It might not look much different to what you're used to in the picture above, but there's a lot going on with this little brush. It not only lengthens, lifts and defines lashes, the applicator wand has five rows of bristles for a one-swipe even layer of mascara that coats lashes from root to tip. On the other side of the brush is something called ' microchannels' to add fullness, plus there are smaller side bristles to get right into your little lashes in the corner of your eye. It also only comes in one shade, Extreme Black, because really, all other shades are a waste of your time.


bareMinerals Strength and Length Serum-Infused Brow Gel, €22

Okay, what else can the brow gel do? Well, aside from giving you a whopping 100% fuller-looking brows in just 8 weeks, it fills in your sparse areas, is lightweight, buildable and flexible, and comes with a magic formula that mimics your own brow colour to give you a tint that always looks natural. There are four shades - Honey, Chestnut, Coffee, plus a Clear formula that can go on top of your other brow products or be used as a night-time brow serum.

Right, that's brows and lashes sorted. What are we demanding next?

Photography by bareMinerals.

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