Shopping Fix: the €33 cult-hero French multi-purpose oil that adds a glossy sheen to everything

Dive into summer and add a layer of sheen to your life with the new Nuxe oil

We have so much to be grateful to the French for. Pastries. The first hairdryer. The bikini. The metric system. Champagne. Mayonnaise. As an unoriginal millennial, it’s my raison d’être to attempt Gallic levels of effortless glamour every day. This has transpired to mean a decades accumulation of Topshop Breton stripe t-shirts, a few questionable basket bags, more red lipsticks than I could wear in a lifetime and a deep obsession with Caroline de Maigret.

Without having achieved the one thing Diana Vreeland (the Frenchest of women) said the first thing everyone must do in life - “to arrange to be born in Paris,” I am stuck with parroting faff-free Francophile beauty techniques. If there is one item women left their suitcases empty for when travelling to France (before it came to Ireland), it was Nuxe Huile Prodiguese. One bottle is sold every seven seconds.


Nuxe Limited Edition Huile Prodigieuse, €33

Every list of “what French women buy in pharmacies” ever includes the iconic Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. It’s multi-use properties are legendary, whether you use it to add a sheen to your legs and shoulders, rub it into your cuticles, dab over your foundation, use to smooth your hair without making it greasy, for stretch marks or for enhancing your tan.


Nuxe Limited Edition Huile Prodigieuse, €33

Now, thanks to the students at the prestigious Parisian art institution Penninghen, the bottle has had a summer revamp, and comes in three beautiful limited edition designs. The multi-purpose antioxidant-packed oil remains the same, and still has the power to protect from pollution and nourish the face, body and hair thanks to a blend of seven oils for repairing, soothing and softening. It also still smells like a warm summer day. Réjouir! Pass the champagne.

Digital illustrations by Laura Kenny.


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