Shopping Fix: a new skincare-infused light foundation that's perfect for summer

Armani's new Neo Nude foundation is the perfect summer foundation

Looking for a lightweight summer foundation that won't conceal your freckles, looks and feels fresh and has skincare benefits?

Armani Beauty has just launched Neo Nude Foundation, €39, a summer dream foundation in 24 shades for light, glowy skin that looks like skin.

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Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Foundation, €39

It's the perfect foundation for hot days and boiling commutes when you can't face the feeling of make-up on your sweating face.

It's a lightweight, liquidy texture that gives a natural, matte finish but still leaves skin looking radiant. It goes on light and sheer, with enough coverage to conceal redness or blemishes without masking the skin, but is buildable for heavier coverage. Oilier skin types will love it but it's suitable for all skin types, with great skincare benefits included in the formula.

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It's made with more than 50% water, hyaluronic acid and glycerin so the skin stays hydrated all day while the ingredients are also at work helping your skin retain moisture over time. Water droplets inside an oil emulsion in the formula keeps it feeling breathable and light on the skin all day.

If you think you hate matte foundations, this is matte without dullness; the light oil in the formula keeps skin glowy with light reflection while also giving an even finish. For extra natural results, apply it with your fingertips, it becomes one and sinks into the skin, leaving a glowy, healthy base that lasts all day.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Foundation, €39, is available now.


Photography by Giorgio Armani Beauty.

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