How to shop for the perfect Jo Loves scent this season

Shopping for the perfect fragrance can be confusing, but Jo Loves founded by Jo Malone CBE is here to cater to all your perfume needs.

And IMAGE is delighted to once again be collaborating with the fragrance extraordinaire for an incredible evening on November 8 at The Marker Hotel.

Want to come along? Get your tickets here.

Jo established Jo Loves after five years away from the perfume business. The collection of fragrances, candles, body creams is inspired by the "memories and moments in life that she loves" and features an extensive range of new and innovative luxury scents.

But how exactly can you find your perfect Jo Loves scent this season?

  1. Understand different scents: Knowing the difference between different fragrances is key to finding the perfect fit for you. In the most basic of terms, perfumes can be broken down into different categories and these include; musk, smoky, citrusy, woody, and floral. Once you are able to recognise each for what they are, eventually you will find the type of scent that you are most attracted to. Smell as many different fragrances as you can to really educate yourself on what works for you.
  2. Use paper swatches: Spritzing fragrances to paper is the best way to recreate how a perfume will smell on the skin. Spray as many Jo Loves fragrances as you can, until you find one which you would like to try on your own skin. Make sure to not touch your nose with the paper swatch when smelling. This will transfer the scent to your skin and can change how you smell other fragrances.
  3. Test on your skin and wait: To truly know how a Jo Loves fragrance smells, spray onto your screen and wait 15-20 minutes. By the end of this wait, the perfume will smell exactly how it should eight hours later. If you love the smell, then the scent is for you.
  4. Don't listen to a friends advice: Your personal preferences are completely different from that of a friend. So the best way to shop for your Jo Loves scent is on your own. An assistant will guide you on the path to finding what you like but will give you the space to choose what you think suits you best.

Shop the full Jo Loves fragrance range here.

Join IMAGE and Jo Malone CBE on November 8, where guests will be treated to a champagne reception, followed by a very special dinner, which is an extra-sensory partnership between Jo and The Marker’s executive chef Gareth Mullens. After dinner, IMAGE contributing editor Melanie Morris will interview the legendary businesswoman and talk about her inspiring journey. Meet the fragrance extraordinaire herself and shop the Jo Loves range onsite from the Space NK pop-up shop.

Tickets start from €125 (plus VAT) with seats strictly limited for the event, so book now to avoid disappointment. The tickets include; a champagne reception, three-course meal which is specially curated for the night with a bespoke wine pairing, a Jo Loves gift and much more surprises and treats on the night.

Want to come along? Get your tickets here.

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