Our Heroes: 7 Cold Weather Skin Savers

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Brrrrrrr. We had it relatively good for so long but no more. It’s freezing out there and you can feel the wind bite the minute you stick your face out that door. Every exposed bit of skin is feeling the shock- lips, face, hands and that bare bit of ankle above your Stan Smiths that you’re still letting see the light of day.

Often this time of year people forget to give the relatively unexposed areas adequate moisturising, too. If there’s a minor blizzard every time you peel off your tights, best give the whole body a good drink, too.

Here are our top picks for instant hydration that will help protect the skin from the worst of the elements. These heroes will keep skin happy even when you’re facing into a gale (which is basically every day from now until April).

Our Top Picks 

  1. Upgrade that banged up old Vaseline tin you recently discovered in your puffa with something much more glamorous (this also makes a great stocking stuffer).



Lulu Guinness for Vaseline Lip Therapy, €4


  1. Homegrown startup Burren Perfumery has a whole range of delectable lotions and creams fit to purpose but this rich formula hand cream is really special and feels like it has healing properties the minute it makes contact with vanquished skin.



Burren Perfumery Soothing Cream, €25



  1. Polish organic brand Yope gets a well-nourished thumbs up for being plant-based and effective, having great packaging, and their original aromatic combinations. The non-greasy hand creams soak in well and provide real relief from dryness.



Yope Ginger Sandalwood Hand Cream, €8


  1. Eight Hour Cream is a desert island product for many a beauty editor. You’d swear it’s magic. Apply to any area in crisis as directed.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant Gift Set, €34





  1. When extreme measures are called for, Nuxe SOS Rescue Mask is up to the task, providing 24 hours of hydration to the thirstiest faces. A little goes a long way.

Crème Fraiche de Beaute Masque SOS, €22


  1. Another cult classic, with plenty of good reason, this rich body lotion goes on smooth and doesn’t leave limbs too sticky for tights or trousers. It works into even the most reptilian winter surfaces delivering real results.



Kiehl’s Crème de Corps, €10


  1. This award-winning pocket size quencher works a treat as both a preventative measure and a salve for already chapped lips.


L’Occitane Natural Shea Ultra Rich Lip Balm, €9







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