Seven of the best body positivity Instagram accounts to follow right now

In these stressful times, turn to these inspiring accounts to remind yourself of the importance of considering yourself with kindness. 

As women, our bodies are continually a topic of conversation.

Whether we be talking about our own – or the media placing a focus on the bodies of celebrities – it's a never-ending cycle of observation. For years, we were told to drop a dress size in two weeks, and encouraged to become the mirror image of an airbrushed photo. 'Do this and there will be world peace,' it felt like they were saying.

For so long, a particular ideal was pushed and we lost sight of the wonderful unpredictability and uniqueness of the female body.


Focus on body positivity

In recent times, however, the terms 'body positivity' and 'body acceptance' have hit the mainstream conversation – and rightfully so. Women are taking control of their bodies and this had led to an influx of body positivity Instagram accounts.

These women are using their platforms and voices for the better. Instagram (indeed, social media in general) can often be a place of aspirational disappointment. Everyone looks better and more successful, and imperfections are nothing but a blip on their radar.

But these accounts change all of that; showing how every woman (no matter the size, shape or perceived flaw) is beautiful.

Here are our top seven accounts to follow right now.

Joanne McNally

Comedian Joanne McNally burst onto the comedy scene in 2014 and quickly became co-host of RTÉ 2's flagship comedy show Republic of Telly. Since then, she wrote and starred in her own stage show, sold out her first solo stand-up show in Dublin and wrote a one-woman show called Bite Me, which depicted her experience with eating disorders.  She has been open about her struggles and is now an advocate for those struggling with eating disorders.

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The repetition of the lockdown nearly crippled me this morning, bed to desk to bed to desk to blaaaaaaaahhhh brain melt but turns out I wasn't on the cusp of a psychotic, overly self absorbed mental breakdown, I just needed to put on human clothes! Not gym gear in the false hope that I'll break into squats on my way to the kitchen cos I'm riddled with guilt that I'm not out running laps of the world like everyone else, but real clothes with zips and buttons and pockets and go outside and wander around waving at people with my new favourite toy. Hurraahh!!! Thank fuck for that! 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🎉🎉🎉🎉💯💯💯💯💯🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

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Niamh O' Donoghue

Journalist Niamh O' Donoghue's Instagram page is a haven of real talk and inspiration. The writer had four major spinal surgeries for scoliosis, lost a kidney to chronic kidney disease and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer all before the age of 23. Although she is vocal about the complicated relationship she has had with her body, she is now wearing her scars with pride and is hoping to inspire others to do so too.

Nadine Reid


Xposé presenter Nadine Reid's Instagram page can only be described as joy. Scrolling through her feed is endlessly entertaining and her infectious personality will help to make you smile. She's positive and powerful and is a constant style inspiration for plus-size dressing.


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I was thinking about the #10yearchallenge I didn’t post before because you know I come from a good skin ageless type of family. When I’m 100 you will have no clue ????? ? #sorrynotsorry ?????? The internal changes are way more amazing! But what I will say is in 10 years I have embraced courage and worked on myself, improved my self esteem. I am developing my passions, purpose and place in the world. I am kinder to others and myself, I understand empathy better and I am simply a way better version of Nadine. So Yay to the past 10 years! and Yaaaaaassss to the next Ten years! . . . Only goal for 2019: Continue to Living my best life and Dream Bigger. ???? The picture on the left is me with a stunning tan from the Cayman Islands! Deffo need some sun in my life this year. I am going to have to change emojis soon ?????????? ? The picture in the right was on my birthday 20th Jan 2019, Dublin ????

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Louise McSharry

RTÉ 2FM presenter Louise McSharry is refreshingly honest. A plus-size advocate, she is helping women across the country to accept their bodies and love them. Her fashion choices are drool-worthy and she is a treasure trove of information when it comes to buying plus-size clothes. Not only this, she never shies away from an edgy beauty look and will provide you with buckets of make-up inspiration.


Sinead Burke

Sinead Burke is a powerhouse. From being on the cover of Business of Fashion to sitting front row at fashion weeks, she is taking the world of style by storm. The primary school teacher (who is now a contributing editor for British Vogue) is a much-needed representative in the fashion world for those with different abilities. Through her work, she is pushing for inclusivity in fashion – and we are behind her all the way.


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Opening #Davos by leading a discussion on designing for everyone was an extraordinary start to #wef19. I spoke about education and fashion, and how the lack of inclusivity within these ecosystems is limiting creative potential and authentic inclusion. It was an honour to speak at the @worldeconomicforum wearing custom @Gucci - thank you so much, Marco Bizzarri, @alessandro_michele and the entire Gucci team. . . [Image description: Standing in the foyer of Davos’ Congress Centre, I’m wearing a magnificent floor-length cerulean blue silk and lace dress, with a pale pink slip sporadically peeking through. I’m holding a magnificent cream leather and bamboo Gucci bag too. Both @jacindaardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Queen Mathilde of Belgium were very impressed, and of course, equally stylish in their dress.] ? @worldeconomicforum #wef19

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Louise Bruton

Writer Louise Bruton's Instagram feed is a lighthearted wonderland. She is a wheelchair user and has written about being disabled and learning to accept that. She is taking power back from the word and is helping others to not just accept their disabilities, but own them.


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I’ve been having really cool (and interesting, as Britney would say) conversations about disability lately and one thing that’s popped up a few times is the thrill of seeing other people like you... anywhere. The noise from mainstream media and mainstream social media can sometimes shout over what disabled people say/post so even though I’ve tried to do this in the past, I’m going to try and post more photos that show me as a wheelchair user, a disabled woman and an amputee in very ordinary settings. Whether it’s just a selfie before I go to a wedding, out of breath after an early morning swim or showing off a new Britney t-shirt, it’s a reminder to myself and others that wheelchairs and disabilities exist. Even if they’re not glamorous photos, it’s recognition and representation. So you’re getting more selfies, guys. #disabled #wheelchairgirl #wheelchairlife

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Jen Morris

Jen Morris, the woman behind beauty blog Too Dolly Make-up, has some serious beauty skills. From the perfect cut-crease to achingly perfect contouring and highlighting – she is a must-follow on the 'gram. She also has amazing skin and freckles we could only dream of. Jen is teaching her followers to love themselves no matter what, and to always focus on being your best self (no hiding freckles around here!).



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