These three ingredients are lifesavers for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, rosacea, redness or dilated blood vessels, chances are you've tried endless products to try to calm and repair your delicate skin. But do you know what causes these issues in the first place?

Glycosaminoglycans, also known as GAGs, maintain hydration in your skin, which alongside natural ceramides contribute to the hydrolipidic barrier, a protective film on the surface of the skin keeping all the good stuff in and all the bad stuff out. When you use harsh skincare, this barrier becomes compromised and damaged. This can cause transepidermal water loss, leading to dehydration, sensitivity and redness in the skin. Over time, visible blood vessels could also appear. Furthermore, a compromised barrier leaves the skin more vulnerable to pollutants, free radicals and irritants such as fragrance in skincare.

It's not all bad news. There are certain active ingredients that can help – some of which you probably already know. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from damage by neutralising free radicals. And there are some ingredients you may not know: hinokitiol, from the oils of the western red cedar tree, is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and targets bacteria associated with rosacea. Sea whip, otherwise known as gorgonian extract, reduces inflammatory mediators for ultimate skin soothing.

Finding a routine that includes the right mix of ingredients that focus on rosacea symptoms can be difficult, let alone one that addresses the potential causes, to help relieve the flushing, redness and inflammation.

Enter AlumierMD, a skincare brand with a mission to bring the most effective and efficient formulas on the market to the masses. Created by a team of PhD biochemists, physicians and skin specialists – they don’t do what’s easy, they do what’s right. Their 38 products are created using innovative ingredients at optimal levels and no less than five advanced delivery systems. The result is medical grade formulations using multifaceted, results-oriented skincare molecules. They address the troublesome issues with skincare, such as redness associated with retinol or the packaging difficulties of keeping vitamin C fresh, then create innovative ways to remove these obstacles. Seriously, check out their retinol and vitamin C.


AlumierMD has a full range of skin care products formulated to relieve sensitive skin, redness or dilated blood vessels, plus address the underlying causes.


Calm-R is a gentle, hydrating serum that targets the redness and blemishes seen in rosacea and redness-prone skin while maintaining the skin's delicate moisture balance. It's suitable for even the most sensitive skin thanks to a blend of soothing ingredients, including calming piperonyl glucose, anti-inflammatory sea whip and antibacterial hinokitiol. It's also fragrance, sulfate, paraben, mineral oil and dye free.


This soothing and rich moisturizing cream is loaded with antioxidants and soothing ingredients for sensitive and redness-prone skin. Natural calming ingredients like sea whip, boswellia and honey soothe the skin whilst low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and niacinamide help to rebuild a compromised barrier. Antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals while a copper peptide strengthens the skin - it's like hiring a bodyguard for your skin's barrier.


Sensicalm is AlumierMD's super-hydrating cleanser, designed to gently but thoroughly remove excess oil and impurities while keeping the skin calm. It's free from ingredients that might aggravate sensitive skin, so it's alcohol-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, soap-free, mineral oil-free and dye-free. The perfect blend of natural cleansing yucca root extract, moisture-holding ceramides, sunflower seed oil, soothing aloe and niacinamide (vitamin B3) leaves the skin soothed and calm, without feeling tight or dry.

Visit a trained AlumierMD skincare professional to discover how you can reach your unique skincare goals. They’ll provide a full skincare consultation and build a bespoke routine, tailored to your individual needs. Find your nearest professional at


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