Self-care Diaries: Maria Hatzistefanis, the CEO of Rodial wearing Bottega Veneta heels while WFH

How Rodial CEO and founder Maria Hatzistefanis is spending this time in lockdown

Self-care doesn’t mean you have to be a kundalini yogi, have mastered meditation or achieved nirvana. Even the most minute act done for yourself, from wearing bright lipstick to making yourself a cup of tea, has the power to turn your whole day around. There is no right way to do it. So we’re asking women during this period of isolation to tell us about the joyful moments in their days, be it a beauty product or a Netflix series.

Today’s self-care diary comes from Maria Hatzistefanis, the London-based CEO and founder of cult-hero beauty brands Rodial and Nip + Fab and author of How To Be An Overnight Success. Over on Instagram, she has tutorials on everything from skincare and make-up to how to develop your brand, definitely check it out.

Here, she shares how she’s spending her lockdown.


Maria Hatzistefanis

Where are you self isolating at the moment?
In Notting Hill with my husband and two teenage boys.

What is your daily routine consisting of while in quarantine?
I still wake up at 6am and have a couple of hours to myself, working out, meditating, checking my @mrsrodial Instagram feed and setting an intention for the day. Getting ready by 8.30, a protein smoothie for breakfast and ready to start my team calls at 9-12.30. Then lunch and I leave afternoons free for creative work and to create content for our social media accounts. I finish work at around 6.30 pm and take the boys for a walk, shower and then Netflix and bed by 10.30pm.

How are you dressing while working from home?
Depending on the day, black leggings and an oversize tee or a comfy paper bag pair of jeans and a fitted top. Sometimes I would wear my Bottega Veneta heels and always a bit of makeup. I learned to do my make-up properly during the lockdown as I was always had it done by our Rodial pro team. My team always wanted me to do tutorials, so now I film my daily makeup routine and post on my stories.

Bottega Veneta

Are you working out or moving your body while at home?
I went through a phase of working out every day and then slacked off a few weeks into the lockdown. I am back at it again and do a class from streaming services The Boxx London and Peloton first thing in the morning. I used to workout for an hour, I now can do 30 minutes. If I don’t feel like working out I would do a 20 min yoga or stretching to make sure I do some type of movement!

How are you engaging with self-care at the moment?
It’s harder when in lockdown. My self-care before lockdown was mainly beauty appointments, blowdries, mani and pedis, facials. I now am down to a bubble bath and Rodial sheet masks!


Maria Hatzistefanis

How are you staying creative?
I’ve been connecting a lot more with our customers via @mrsrodial and got some product ideas I am working on. Also I am doing a lot more work on social media and joined Tik Tok. So still keeping creative!

What’s bringing you joy right now?
A good glass of Rose and a summer playlist!

What’s been your favourite thing to eat while stuck at home?
Peanut protein bars, I am obsessed!

Banana Lowlighter | Makeup | Banana | Rodial

Rodial Banana Lowlighter, €47

What beauty product are you enjoying using the most at this time?
I love the Rodial Banana Lowlighter, €47. It’s the quickest way to look good on Zoom with minimum effort.


Photography by Maria Hatzistefanis, @mrsrodial.

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