A Second Skin: Is This The Future Of Beauty?

Behold! A new beauty innovation is in the works. This new 'second skin' is a type of stretchy film made from a mix of 'super-thin polymers that sits on top of the skin and offers near-miraculous effects that only invasive surgery has offered before.

Only at exploratory lab stages, XPL is causing great excitement amongst the scientific community as it could potentially offer a delivery system for medicines too. It could potentially act as an effective UV barrier and physical barrier for conditions such as eczema. And throughout its testing, they noticed that skin looked tighter and younger, due to helping it behave like younger skin

It performs specifically well on undereye bags and other wrinkles, due to it holding the skin taut and smooth. Only a temporary measure, it's worn for a day at a time and we're not sure, of course, if this would look like that stretched-too-tight face lift effect so prevalent ten years ago, but it's an interesting direction anyway.


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