Sam McKnight's step-by-step guide to Chanel's messy topknots

This season is about exploration. Traditional codes of make-up are gone, techniques reimagined; be liberal with colour, perfection is passé, and natural skin is modernised, as seen in Tom Pecheux’s look for Chanel. Perfection has no place anywhere, from looping liner to feral brows to your hair.

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At Chanel AW18, inside Karl Lagerfeld's autumnal forest inside the Grand Palais, the mane event was Sam McKnight's perfectly deconstructed chignons. "I like my hair to be based in reality; to be real and to have a sense of ease to it," said Sam McKnight. And there's no hair more based in reality than the messy bun. Once the hair of shame, the sign of a heavy weekend or a lie-in. No more. Feel free to hit the snooze button one more time and never apologise for your Monday messy bun again, thank Chanel and Sam McKnight for making it fashion.

Here, Sam McKnight breaks down how to perfect the untidy topknot.

Deconstructed chignons

Sam McKnight’s step-by-step guide to Chanel’s messy topknots

1. Spray Hair by Sam McKnight Easy-Up Do throughout mid-lengths and ends to build volume and texture.

2. Tip hair upside-down and using a boar bristle brush, brush up towards the crown into a topknot.

3. Secure with a black hair elastic, leaving the ponytail half-secured on the last loop.

4. Twist and turn the hair, pinning into place and leaving ends free.

5. Tease the knot and finish with a mist of hairspray for added hold and definition.

Hair by Sam McKnight, Easy Up-Do, €29

Backstage photography by Jason Lloyd Evans. 


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