Salma Hayek's Daughter Is Growing Her Hair For A Wonderful Reason

There is a reason Christmas time is known as the season of goodwill; it tends to bring out the best in people, who aim to give back during the time of year that can be tough for many. During the mad run up to the seasonal festivities, it can be too easy to forget that it isn't always a time of joy for those who are perhaps ill, coping with the loss of a loved one or in financial difficulties.

And it's not just us regular folk who want to give something back - celebrities can be a generous bunch too. To this end, Salma Hayek's eight-year-old daughter has been preparing a personal gift to give to those in need for quite some time.

"My daughter Valentina is growing her beautiful mane so she can cut it and donate it to make a wig for children with cancer," Hayek captioned a recent Instagram post of her daughter with her flowing locks. "Now that is the spirit of Christmas." How very true. This generous gesture from the youngster is similar to what actress Amanda Seyfried did earlier this year.


The good deed is also particularly heartwarming coming from someone so young. In our Frozen-obsessed era where many girls that age would be attached to the idea of ensuring their locks were princess-worthy (this writer's eight-year-old self yearned for nothing more), it makes the act all the more touching. Valentina should be proud of herself, plus, she is clearly a credit to her parents. How many of us can say that we held such philanthropic ideals at just eight years old?

Hayek also revealed to E! News that her daughter often does Salma's (and her assistant's) make-up, and added that the young beauty aficionado may be intending to follow her mother's footsteps into the business.

Many commented on the social media snap, commending Hayek's daughter for her decision.

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