Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Nails

Oh Sally Hansen, how you please us. If it's not your inimitable sexy leg tan that we only wish would remain on our pins forever, it's your range of nail goodies. The latest from Miss Hansen waves goodbye to those afternoons spent bored out of your tree under the glare of a gel manicure lamp and welcomes a new dawn in which you can achieve salon-quality nails at home. Hurrah!

The new range comes in 18 shades, each of which are worthy of your attention. We're particularly enjoying the pastel colours as almost everything else turns dark and grey with the forthcoming change in the weather. If you too want to defy the usual seasonal rules, these are the nail shades for you.

But it's not the shade that's going to do it for you here, it's how it works: Sally Hansen have come across here with a new patented Miracle Gel, the first ever part lacquer, part gel manicure system that promises up to 14 days of lasting colour and super shininess in two easy peasy steps.


First of all, you apply two layers of your shade of choice. Simples. Then you get busy with the top coat to seal in your colour and shine. As for the science behind it, 'the advanced colour coat and top coat formulas contain an oligomer, and thetop coat also contains a photoinitiator which reticulates with the oligomer contained in the colour coat (that's your first two layers), thus becoming the formula without the need of an LED/UV light.' Got that? All you really need to know is that this stuff works. It glides on effortlessly, dries quicker than you'd expect, and once you take a bit of time with it, you're good to go with professional looking nails. Perfect for a last minute trip to the su!

What makes these even more appealing is the fact that when you're ready to remove it, you don't need to put your nails through anything strenuous, the polish easily comes off with your standard nail polish remover.

Miracle Gel Colour costs €9.99 and the Top Coat also costs €9.99. You can also get your hands on two packs! Available in your reliable pharmacy nationwide now. Well played, Sally Hansen, well played.

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