Runway-Ready Skin: How Jennifer Rock Prepped Models Backstage At LFW

The backstage prep at Paul Costelloe's AW18 show at London Fashion Week was a collaboration of Irish beauty experts - Benefit Ireland were there, with Benefit's Head Make-Up Artist and Brow Expert, Lisa Potter-Dixon and National Brow Artist Katie Tiernan creating a smokey eye with sticky skin.  Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd, creator of Heaven and Earth The Cleanse Off Mitt was there too with her team, prepping model's skin to perfection with a host of skincare heroes, inluding her Cleanse Off Mitt and Irish brand Pestle & Mortar.

Here, she breaks down how she made the skin runway ready. 

Can we ever achieve model skin or is it a genetic gift?

When we were talking to all of the absolutely beautiful super-humans who were walking the runway for Paul Costelloe at London Fashion Week earlier this month, it struck me that models actually really and truly take great care of their skin. These people are naturally perfect with skin that is genetically amazing and yet, just like all of us, they still strive to keep it in its best shape. When myself and the Nerdettes consulted them on their skin, they were already using many of the brands and products we had recommended and lots of them explained how much they despised using makeup wipes between shows. Obviously, we introduced them to the Cleanse Off Mitt to solve that small dilemma!


What was the brief  you were given?

Prepping catwalk skin means following the brief first and foremost. Our brief at Paul Costelloe was a healthy-looking, soft-focus skin with minimal makeup and a dewy, iridescent finish. That suits all facets of The Skin Nerd so it wasn’t a toughie for us.

So how do you prep the skin for the runway?

We used an array of cleansers first, removing any makeup with the Cleanse Off Mitt and then following up with, predominantly, the Image Vital C Cleanser  as the second cleansing step, as it is an incredibly mild cleanser. We spritzed the models religiously with the Yon-ka Lotion PS for skin refreshment, topical hydration and anti-ageing benefits. Of course, if you’re going for a plump, fresh and hydrated look, you’re not going anywhere without hyaluronic acid! We used Pestle & Mortar’s Pure Hyaluronic Serum mixed with Environ’s Colostrum Gel to pull the skin’s moisture towards the surface of the skin and soothe it simultaneously.

Image Vital C Cleanser, €35


How did you get the skin so glowing?

We needed to give a more emollient base on top of this so that the makeup being applied by the Bene-babes would be able to adhere, so we chose IMAGE Iluma Intense Lightening Serum, €51.50 as the next step as it is slightly tacky and sticky and gives an instant glow to the skin.

For the early risers, we were using the Environ Electro-Sonic DF Handheld Machine for iontophoresis (electrical current) and sonophoresis (soundwaves). Iontophoresis boosts skin circulation and gets that glow going and sonophoresis helps the products to penetrate the skin. Care was necessary in this, as iontophoresis can bring about very mild swelling and a bit of a flush to the skin and that was NOT on the brief!

We were lucky enough to also have LED masks on hand from Eden Beauty Group to help those suffering from breakouts and congestion from days of wearing heavy makeup, as it was the second last day of London Fashion Week. Naturally, we couldn't use many of our usual solutions, as salicylic acid could cause some flakiness around spots, so LED was the perfect anti-bacterial solution that wouldn’t stimulate the skin too much.

IMAGE Iluma Intense Lightening Serum, €51.50

Did you send the models off with any post-show skin solutions?


If the models didn't have time to have a Seoulista Instant Facial sheet mask put on prior to the catwalk, we sent them off with one to use post-show to rejuvenate their skin for the next day, along with a Cleanse Off Mitt for all. Whilst at our station, we had refreshments in the form of Yana collagen shots, which are packed with vitamin C, flavonoids, hyaluronic acid and bovine collagen, just to give their skin a bit of a boost from the inside.

Seoulista Instant Facial Sheet Mask, €8.99 at Dunnes Stores

Check out Jennifer's work backstage in the gallery above.

Picture: @paulcostelloeofficial

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