Rose perfumes that strike the perfect floral balance

Rose perfumes that are on just the right side of floral are hard to come by - not every one is created equal and some can be a little overpowering. Here are some options I've loved...

While I'm not typically a florals fan, I make exception for a great rose-based scent. I'll always come back to my one true loves (Le Labo, Armani Privé, basically anything with vetiver) but these are great rose-inspired options for lovers of the flower.

rose perfumes

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Dew


€66 from

I always find the Viktor and Rolf fragrances to be appealing, every since Flowerbomb debuted. But this new incarnation, a lighter and more airy version of the original, really caught me. Rose accord, iris and musk combine to make a delicate and natural "second-skin" like fragrance, as the brand themselves tell me. They say the scent is "like a subtle drop of moisture on a rose petal from the morning dawn", and as high falutin' as that statement is, I kind of agree.

rose perfumes

Frédéric Malle The Moon by Julien Rasquinet

€550 from

The top notes in this desert-inspired fragrance are oud, frankincense and of course, rose, creating a warm opulence and evoking the vibes of the Middle East. They pair up with red berries notes, inspired by the fruit-flavoured shisha enjoyed across the region. It smells expensive, it is expensive, but you're unlikely to pass another person on the street with such an evocative rose perfume.

rose perfumes


Tom Ford Rose Prick

€250 from Selfridges

I could hardly let the opportunity pass to talk about Rose Prick, the next in line for most controversially-named Tom Ford fragrance, after Fucking Fabulous and others. This one I have only tried in passing, but have loved. It's packed with all kinds of roses: Bulgarian rose, which is extremely rare, Turkish rose and also Rose de Mai. No denying it's appeal from both a humour and a scent perspective.

rose perfume

Frédéric Malle, Roses - A Collection

€120 from

I know, I know - another Frédéric Malle, but there's a reason. This taster selection gives you an insight into the world of the fragrances that the brand make without - and this is important - having to plump for €550 worth of a perfume you're not sure on. It includes all of their scents that feature rose, and includes Portrait of a Lady, arguably the brand's most iconic fragrance.


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rose perfumes

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