Ridiculous Pet Manicures Are Now Very Much A Thing On Instagram

Another week, another crazy beauty trend. This time, it's not about you, it's about your pooch and, well meaning though it may be, we cannot cope with the creepiness of these images.

So yeah, if your own personal manicure obsession has gotten a little out of hand, there's now a new way to get your fix; a doggy mani/pedi. And we're not just talking about filing, buffing or trimming away those rough edges. Nope; here you've got long brightly painted nails in all kinds of styles and it's safe to say that the dogs look none to happy about their makeover.

Looks like this gal had a rough night last night. Yikes! #diynails #dogmanicures #dogsofinstagram #nailart #jamberry #empowersocial

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Some cat owners are getting in on the action too, so at least when they decide to pull a thread from your favourite sweater, it will be done so with chic-as-hell nails, right?


Well that's the reason they were created in the first place, to prevent our pets' nails from scraping our floors and scratching our faces. Now, the 'Soft Paws' trend is growing in popularity across Instagram. Check out #SoftPaws (softpaws.com) or #SoftClaws to discover a whole world of wonder (and, again, creepiness).

So if your pooch has lost his mojo, and he's tearing lumps out of your back door, there's now a way to fix that while keeping your pet perfectly on trend for SS16 and beyond. The only difficulty you'll have is in choosing whether to go for a pastel hue or something more urban and edgy.

Oh dear, what have we done?


Top pic: Instagram #SoftPaws

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