I've been getting reflexology for the last year — and my skin is clearer than ever before

Reflexology is, usually, performed on your feet. So how could it possibly help your skin? I wondered the same thing, but found it helped so many ailments, including my skin...

For those who might not have experienced it yet, reflexology is a foot treatment that works to heal and clear blockages around your body using corresponding pressure points in your feet.

I'll be honest, until I had it, I wasn't 100 per cent convinced of it. I was sceptical — how can someone rubbing your feet take away your headaches, help your digestion or indeed, improve your skin?

But, having had it regularly for about a year now, I can say it's helped me de-stress, rebalance and relax. So much so that my body is responding in really interesting ways, including by giving me the clearest skin I've ever had.



Everything in your body is connected. If you're experiencing a spot outbreak, a flare-up of eczema, a bout of dry or flaky skin, it's more than likely linked to something else physical that's going on.

A friend of mine, for example, gets psoriasis on her scalp when she's stressed or going through tough times. This shows her that for her, her mental health links directly to her skin health.


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Our biggest organ

Our skin is our biggest organ, and so we're bound to reflect our internal struggles when it comes to our skin. Sometimes I even find that if I'm around the time just before my period, I get a little backed up in terms of digestion. Those times, I get breakouts on my face — it's as if the toxins have to escape somehow.



Reflexology as a mind healer

Many people say that reflexology helps them de-stress and relax, which is half the battle when it comes to some skin conditions. For me, reflexology clears my digestive system straight away. I know that my diet has a huge impact on my skin health, so that works in my favour.

Reflexology, to that end, really helps keep my skin looking better. Another thing I'm always encouraged to do by my reflexologist is to drink water after a session. It helps flush out toxins after each treatment.

I recommend reflexology to anyone who asks me about it because I genuinely believe in its benefits, particularly for skin. Would you try it?

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