Refillable beauty: The best products you can just top-up

With everyone becoming much more environmentally conscious and sustainably focused, refillable beauty is a great way to keep your packaging and plastic footprint to a minimum...

Refillable beauty is a no-brainer for me - you save money in most cases, you end up with less waste and you have another small way to do your part for sustainability.

Cleaner cleanser

Ren were one of the first premium skincare brands to join up to the Loop initiative, which looks to challenge worldwide reliance on single-use plastic with a measurable environmental impact.


As a brand, they have a goal of zero waste by 2021, so these refillable skincare solutions are something you'll see more of from the brand. Their Rose Centifolia cleanser can be refilled right now, and it's one of their best products too.refillable beauty

REN Rose Centifolia Cleansing Wash

€19 from

Planet-friendly palette

Aimee Connolly's amazing Sculpted range has this refillable palette as part of the collection. You buy the outer packaging just once, and then refill it with pans as you go - good for the environment, and good for those among us who FLY through the highlight buy don't use as much blush.
refillable beauty

Aimee Connolly refillable palette

€9 for empty palette, €8 each for refill pans,


Making sense with scent

refillable beauty

Le Labo Santal 33

€155 for 50ml,

If you bring your empty back to refill your 50ml or 100ml bottle of eau de parfum at Le Labo, you’ll get a 20% discount on the refill fragrance. Considering it's a fairly pricey scent to buy, there's more than just an environmental incentive there.


Why wouldn't you attempt to go with refillable beauty where possible? It makes sense - if a brand you like does refills, try it. In most cases, it'll save you money as well as helping the environment. Swap today and do another small bit towards sustainable beauty.


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