Do I really need to include turmeric in my skincare?

It's the new 'it' ingredient, but what exactly are the supposed superpowers of turmeric and do you need to add it to an already packed roster of skin heroes?

Admit it. A lot of health food-based skincare combinations seem a little bizarre, sometimes.

Do you really need kale in your nail varnish? Probably not, to be fair.

But turmeric seems to have the science behind it that says it has the power to pack a real skincare punch.


Proof it works?

Studies have shown that curcumin, a chemical found in turmeric, helps clear up acne and breakouts, protect and help decrease skin's UV damage because of its antioxidant elements, and there is some evidence to suggest it might reduce collagen breakdown when taken as a supplement.

It's not absolutely essential to add them to your routine, of course, but the brightening and clearing properties might make it a good option in particular for someone struggling with a flare up that would be out of the ordinary for their skin.

Three winners

I love that Irish skincare brand Kinvara has added turmeric to one of their bestsellers because I love buying Irish. They list calming, soothing and reducing oil production over time as some of the benefits of the ingredient.

Here are the three turmeric-based products I rate, and have seen immediate results from - the long-lasting ones I can't say for certain are down to turmeric alone, but they sit well alongside my normal skincare routine.


Kiehl's Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Mask, €36

This one is great for brightening and smoothing, I find. The cranberry seeds slough away the dead skin on the surface - very gently, don't worry - and the turmeric brightens visibly after one use.

Clarins Double Serum, €72

I didn't know until I did my research that this one contained turmeric, but it's such an incredible product, I shouldn't have been surprised. I use this when my skin needs to feel invigorated, and it works.

Kinvara Youth Boost Serum, €22.95


Again, I love to buy Irish where possible, and this serum really competes with the heavy hitters of the industry.

I love the hydration this brings with the hyaluronic, but also the zest it adds to your skin.


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