I put myself on a palette-buying ban. Here's what I'm using in the meantime

Do I need another eyeshadow palette? No. Can I afford another eyeshadow palette? Also, no. So I've banned myself from buying any more until I hit serious pan on these...

How many neutral brown eyeshadow palettes can one woman have? I'm pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in that department, fully intent on featuring on one of those shows about hoarders in years to come.

My secret shame

I have counted, and I have (THE SHAME) 48 eyeshadow palettes. Granted, many have been sent to me to try as as beauty writer, but I have also bought about 20 too many, and I use all of about four.

And what did I attempt to do yesterday as I wandered around the Brown Thomas beauty hall? I tried to buy another one. Reader, I'm trying to get a mortgage right now - I cannot afford to buy a tin of beans, never mind my 49th eyeshadow palette.

Buying ban


So I put myself on a self-imposed buying ban, and have committed to getting as close as I can to finishing these four that I love before I allow myself even LOOK at another purchase.

  1. Blank Canvas Master Series Palette, €35 - I absolutely ADORE this palette, and this brand as a matter of fact (great brushes too). I buy at least one of these a year. The shades are stunning, the pigment is strong and they are infinitely blendable. I'm also into the fact that the palette is light and easy to wipe down. Hey, I'm my mam.
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, €49 - This one I bought mostly because the entire internet urged me to. I caved to the peer pressure, but was glad I did. This palette encouraged me to try a red eye with the Red Ochre shade, and I've loved it since. It also has staple base shades and a peach I sometimes use as blush.
  3. Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, €65 - If I need to go a little more glam (rare) I reach for this. It's got shimmer, sheen, sparkle and soft shades, something to create a very complete look. The Twilight and Amethyst shades interest me too, as a February starsign-loving Aquarian.
  4. Urban Decay On The Run Mini Palette, €29 - Dinky and portable, I adore this blue eye-focussed beauty. Generous pan size, a nice range of staple shades and a pop of colour just in case you want to go a bit mad.

I feel like this is the beauty version of those fashion challenges where you've to wear what you own and force yourself to get creative, so that's what I'm going to do. And if anyone spots me loitering around the NARS counter in BT in the near future, please restrain me.

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