Why I put dry shampoo in my hair straight after I wash it

Dry shampoo is just for greasy hair days, right? Wrong. Well, for me anyway. Here's why I think clean hair benefits most from a blast of the dry stuff...

As a bit of background, I've got terrible hair. It's thin, it's lifeless, it's flyaway and it's been bleached a lot over the last 16 or so years. So when I give this advice, it might ring true for the fine-haired blondes among you more so than anyone else. But here is why I use dry shampoo within an hour of drying my freshly washed hair.

It prevents grease

Anecdotal evidence gathered from me by me would suggest that by getting in there ahead of the grease, it helps me stave it off that bit longer. Usually, day two would be a grease day, but when I lash a spray or two of dry shampoo into clean hair, I get to day three before I notice visible grease.

Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo

It gives texture

For anyone with somewhat lifeless, thin or fine hair like mine, texture is needed from the get-go to provide initial hold that still has some movement. Dry shampoo is perfect for this, and when you need to up the ante, you can go in with the big guns (ie. actual texture spray).

It loosens your style

If you've gone a little too far up with an up 'do or you just need to shake out some tight curls, applying some dry shampoo to your freshly styled hair gives it a lived-in, relaxed look.

CoLab Dry Shampoo in Paradise

It can tackle humidity hair

If your hair tends to react to humidity (hello, Bahamas Monica), putting dry shampoo into it when clean can help to tame it without having to resort to oils or de-frizz products that can sometimes weigh fine hair down.

It gives me healthier hair

Dry shampooing means less actual shampooing, which for me means cutting in half the amount of heat styling I have to do. As a result, my hair is left alone more, meaning less damage, fewer broken hairs, less brushing and more regrowth.
dry shampoo

Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

It keeps me gym-fresh

There's nothing more soul destroying than going to the gym on a hair wash day - well, for me anyway - so what I do to tackle it is, I put a bit of dry shampoo in my clean hair just before I exercise and it helps mop up sweat so (gross, I know) I can go about my day without having to spend an hour washing/drying/styling.

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Photo by Megan Lewis on Unsplash

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