Pippa's Palette On Trial

Melanie Morris assesses all that's good about the much-hyped new beauty launch.

Friday, July 17 2015? today was a landmark day. It's the day I had the courage to finally, after 13 years of dutiful service, throw away my trusty Laura Mercier palette because I think I may have found The One.?Pippa's Palette, a collab between Pippa O'Connor and Blank Canvas Cosmetics has been getting a whole lot of attention of late, so much so that the €34.99 item has sold out on pre-order and they're now into production cycle two, to meet demand. So, when one landed on my desk, I was immediately off to give it a go.






To cut to the chase, the strength is in the product - 6 eye shades, plus blush, contour and highlight, all of which amazing, fantastic colours. The eye selections are matte in finish; they glide on beautifully, blend with ease and the colour payoff is exactly as appears in the palette. The blush is a perfect, peachy pink, the contour shade isn't too dark, working beautifully with Irish complexions, and the highlighter creates a lovely candleglow effect. Spot-on for what I want, and I was really impressed with the results when I rushed a ?nude eye? for work this morning. There's a long mirror in the lid of the palette and the packaging is sturdy enough, having survived various bathroom splashes.



It's more an irritation? and that's the size and proximity of all the different shades to each other. The eye shadows are very narrow, so other than my brow brush, my shadow brushes were splodging out the sides - it was fiddly to get good product pick-up, if you get me. As Blank Canvas are renowned for their great brushes, it would've been nice if they'd included one that would work well with this palette.




While some have grumbled about the price, I reckon this palette is worth the money ??it's a handy eye and face, two-in-one; all the colours are gems (there's not a dud amongst them) and I know I'll use it every single day. If it's not The One, it's certainly The One For Now. Defo worth a buy and a try,, if you 'do? waiting lists. Available through pippa.ie, cloud10beauty.com and blankcanvascosmetics.com



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