Perversion: Our New Favourite Mascara

When it comes to a good mascara recommendation, rest assured we'll do our very best to set you on the path towards long, thick, fluttering lashes. If there's one brand sure to deliver on all fronts, it's always been Urban Decay. We couldn't get enough of Big Fatty and now, we've fallen for their latest lash-loving treat, Perversion.

Whatever your lash length, with Perversion they're going to look at least 20% longer. The volumising brush succeeds in perfectly coating every single lash, making them thicker, blacker (no seriously, the blackest of blacks), fuller and altogether very spidery. If that's not your thing, then perhaps Perversion won't be for you, but who's ever said no to flirt-worthy peepers?

Not too dry, not too wet, what you're getting here is a full-bodied, creamy texture that glides on effortlessly. You've got complete control with this wand so whether one layer will do, or you want to layer on coat after coat; the decision is entirely yours. Best of all, this formula - complete with Hairdensyl, a complex blend of proteins and amino acids - promises never to clump or break off; trust us, we've given it the test.

Perversion, perhaps our new favourite mascara. €21.


Top Tip: For added drama, prep your lashes with Perversion's best friend-come-lash primer, Subversion. (Comes free with Perversion at Debenhams)


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