Perfectly Pink: Who Wore Pink Hair Best?

What's not to love about pink hair? The news that Cara Delevingne dyed her fabulous locks perfect shades of pink over the weekend sent pretty much the whole internet into a tizzy.?The actress/model stepped out at her girlfriend St. Vincent's concert in Montreal yesterday debuting the loveliest cotton candy-coloured strands, and now we just have to wait for (probably) thousands of others to follow suite. Some of our favourite celebrities have been dying their hair pink for quite a few years now, so this isn't a new thing by any means. In fact, even Rainbow-coloured tresses are now all the rage, so pink hair probably seems a bit tame in comparison.

The fabulous Helen Mirren stepped out with her own hair dyed pink at a recent event and we think she looked amazing. From early nineties Gwen Stefani, model Kate Moss to Lady Gaga and that time even Blake Lively had pink tresses, we've put together a gallery of some of our favourite looks above.


Who do you think wears pink the best? We love Rachel McAdams' tones and Sienna Millers' looks peachy perfect. The huge variety of pale pink shades in the snaps just goes to show that there is a right shade to suit everyone, regardless of skin tone and so on. ?Would you take the plunge and go pink?

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