Penneys Release Eyeshadow Palette To Rival Urban Decay's Naked Collection

The thing with budget beauty is that while it can look as gorgeous and as effective as the more luxurious, expensive brands, it's not until you get to play with it at home that you can truly tell if it's a keeper. What you're looking for with all beauty product is a strong colour payoff and long-lasting pigment, whether it's lipsticks, eyeshadows, you name it. Otherwise, it's a waste of your money. Thankfully, we can trust in the powers that be at Penneys (or Primark, elsewhere) to know that if we're going to be making budget beauty purchases, they'd need to stand tall among all of the other brands on the market. So far, we've been very impressed with their lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss offerings. The colour palette is sure to keep the Kylie Jenner fans satisfied, and the matte finish really works. Now, they've come across with an eyeshadow palette to rival the world famous Naked sets from Urban Decay. With a mixture of matte and shimmer/iridescent shades and all you need to create that on-trend nude/brown and berry smokey eye, we're expecting this one to fly off the shelves. What's more, it's only €5.

If their lip kits and lashes are anything to go by, this nude palette is going to be a big hit too. What's your take on Penneys' PS make-up collection? What have you used? What have you loved? Share your thoughts below!

A beauty lover's dream - in store soon! Storage from €3/$3.50 #Primark #PrimarkBeauty #BeautyLover

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The only drama we enjoy is in our lashes! Prices from €1.50/ $0.90 #PrimarkBeauty #BatThoseLashes

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