Our 5 Favourite Bronzers

Strobing? Contouring? Please, we're going back to fabulous basics with these next generation bronzers that will make the days of brown dust flecked across celtic cheekbones a thing of Bebo photo album memories. When it comes to maintaining/faking a natural-looking glow all year round, you really can't do any better than investing in a portable bronzer to help perk you up. Ace your application and your summer skincare compliments will lead to "Were you on holidays?" queries, as well as the confidence you look healthy.

Get a beautifully natural, sun-kissed radiance with our 5 favourite bronzers for the summer.


Maybelline Dream Bronze BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm, €10,75



Tom Ford Bronzer, €82


Est?e Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Oil, €42


YSL Les Sahariennes, €31


MeMeMe Goddess Rocks, €15.50


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