The organic but effective skincare range that just got even more appealing

Organic and effective skincare - I used to think it was an impossible dream. But no. And in fact, a brand I love for just that has recently had a face (and formula) lift and I couldn't be happier...

There are many skincare ranges that float my boat when it comes to effectiveness. I love Biologique Recherche, I really have a soft spot for Kiehls and I wouldn't be without my bits and pieces from Avène.

But I noticed recently more and more items from Image Skincare's Ormedic range had crept in, and before I knew where I was, I was using three or four of them regularly. They're all about balancing the skin, and quite often, I lack balance.

It'll take more than skincare, yes I hear you, but it's a fine place to start.


Organic and medical

Then they got a fancy new makeover and reformulation. The formulas have been changed - added SPF, more organic ingredients - but as a lover of the previous iteration I can confirm from a sensorial perspective they feel the same. Here's what the new look is like.


Another recent discovery of mine (and maybe something that should've become apparent to me before now...) is that the name combines ORganic and MEDICal - who knew?! Anyway.

My highlights

There are two products, from what is a really stand-out range, that I like in particular. The exfoliator, the Balancing Gel Polisher, really does polish the skin. Where your foaming cleanser might leave your skin clean but not super soft, the polisher comes in and sorts any immediate texture issues.



Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Gel Polisher

€38 from (stockists listed)

And then the most dreamy of creams - the Balancing Bio-peptide Crème... How I love this one. The texture is light but rich all at once, it sinks in well but doesn't leave skin wanting more, and it smells like a fresh fruit bowl.

I genuinely look forward to using it, and sitting neatly in my overall skincare routine, I really notice a difference when I consistently use it.


Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Bio-peptide Crème

€75 from (stockists listed)


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