Opal Hair: The Next Big Beauty Trend?

Pastel hair shades have been popular for quite some time. We've seen plenty of celebrities and such opt for shades of pink and purple to revitalise their locks, but more daring trends have been slowly creeping in. Remember?the rainbow hair trend that was all the rage not so long ago? Well, now it is all about opal hair.??If you're bored of?balayage and one colour just won't cut it; opal hair might be for you, as it's a more toned down version of its rainbow-infused counterpart.

It's?a version of rainbow hair that includes dying sections of your locks in multiple, softly coloured shades.?In short, opal hair is a more flattering version?of the brighter rainbow hair inspired 'dos we've been seeing so frequently over recent months. Firstly, the entire hair is dyed pearl (a near-grey shade) and is then combined with light blues, pinks, greens or purples, which are layered on from root-to-tip to create the look. The trend was apparently started in a hairdressers in the states. The aim behind opal hair is to create a softer, flattering mix of colours, but much like a rainbow do, it is seriously high maintenance and only for those feeling very brave. Here are some examples of the trend, which look very cool:

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Would you be brave enough to try this?

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