One Lovely Lipstick

We all know the hunt for a great lipstick only too well. And it's pretty overwhelming, right? I hear from some women that they just carry on purchasing the same shade time after time to avoid the hassle of finding a new one that ticks all the boxes. So, what of these boxes? What do we expect? What do we desire? Well, a good texture is paramount to me. It must be silky and soft, not dry and matte...that's my personal preference. I don't mind that I may be re-applying more frequently than others - I like the feel and the fact that it wears off evenly rather than cracking off in patches.

Currently my lips are very, very happy wearing Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel. In fact, they're delirious. It's a sublimely textured lipstick that merges balm with a pigmented lipstick. It looks sheeny but not glossy, has just the right amount of colour and I am utterly smitten by the soft red tone of Dialogue. It's made my lipstick Hall of Fame for sure.


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