Why now is the best time to start using natural deodorant

Natural deodorant is great, and making the change can be the healthier (and more planet-friendly) option. But why is now the ideal time to make the switch?

The use of aluminium in deodorants and antiperspirants has seen many people make the move to a more natural approach in the last couple of years. Natural deodorants neutralise the bacteria on your body rather than block up your sweat glands, while keeping you smelling fresh by using naturally-derived ingredients like mint, sage, lemon and cedarwood.

While there's no definitive word on exactly what the health implications are for using aluminium in skincare products, for those who want to make the switch, there are lots of great alternatives available.

So, why now?


When I tried last to make the switch to natural, I didn't know a critical piece of information. I didn't realise that, as your body changes from aluminium-based deodorant to something without that, it has to almost detox your body.

Your body, basically, needs a three- or four-day adjustment period. And in that adjustment period, there is a chance that you'll develop a bit of a stench — at least, I did.

So essentially, when you're making the switch, it's ideal to have a few days of not really being out and about hugging and hands-in-the-airing. So, really, self-isolation is pretty much the ideal time to cross over!

Once you give it the few days, you'll find your natural deodorant works as well as any previous deodorant, it might just take time to get used to the new sensation – you're able to sweat more, but the bacteria is neutralised and your smell is masked well by the natural ingredients.





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Dr Hauschka Sage and Mint deodorant

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Weleda Citrus Deodorant

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Warrior Rosemary and Cedarwood Deodorant Cream

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Neal's Yard Lemon and Coriander Deodorant

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