New Skin Hero Alert

I try an awful lot of new creams, lotions and potions in my hunt for the magic anti-ageing cocktail that I just?know?is out there waiting to be discovered so that it can single-handedly retro-age my skin back to it's glorious early-thirties state.
Each new tub I try is opened with quite the dose of hopefulness as I start to sample it. That's one of the main things I love about beauty products actually - the hope - the feeling that each lid opened, each brush swiped over powder, each lip shade carefully applied will be the one to make a difference to my look, my mood, my overall sense of self. Yes, I'm reading into it a little too much perhaps, but think about it - I bet you can relate, there's an excitement to the whole thing, that for me hasn't yet wavered.

So my latest trial of the SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 was one I set a rather high bar for, given the brands reputation as skin fixers supreme. I have been a loyal user of quite a few of their products with the Hydrating B5 Serum being one of the best I've ever used (you can read my views on that here), so to hear of their latest innovation was a treat for me.

Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 (the ratio relates to the concentration of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids), is a complex compound designed specifically to plump up and enhance skin that has begun the ageing process in earnest - yup, that's me! It works to target a reduction in volume, laxity and lines and that generic dullness that can pervade. I could blind you with the science in which which the brand specialises in, but I won't as all you want to know is 'does it work?'

Simple answer? Yes it does.


Much to my glee, I have noticed a lovely increase in general glow in the 5 weeks I've been using it now. I was bemoaning the very sudden (it seemed) arrival of a multitude of fine lines around my eyes and the top of my cheeks, and while they are not gone entirely (because that would be a miracle deserving of a call to inform The Vatican?quickly),?they are reduced ?- a lot. My skin genuinely looks brighter, it feels really nourished and smooth and I am hooked. This little tub has pride of place on my shelf and will do for quite some time to come. Or at least until someone asks me when I'm celebrating my 30th*.

*slinks off to arrange her 41st birthday party.

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