This new product acts like lipgloss for your hair, sealing it with a smooth, glossy shine

This new treatment from Kérastase takes no extra time, costs roughly a tenner and gives you perfected, silky, glossy hair.

Too time-poor for a hair treatment? Squeeze one into your next salon blowdry without losing any time with the new treatment from Kérastase.

Kérastase's K Water is an in-salon service that replaces conditioner when you're having your hair washed. It's suitable for all hair types, and leaves hair silky soft, with high gloss shine while feeling like nothing at all on the hair.

You know how lipgloss on your lips or gel on your nails adds a shiny layer that makes everything glossy and smooth and perfected? K Water does the same, for hair, thanks to a new technology known as Lamellar.


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Here's the science bit. A unique blend of molecules called 'Lamellae' within the liquid are activated upon contact with water, making a topcoat on the surface of the hair. K Water only targets the areas of the hair that needs it, leaving hair soft, smooth, shiny, lightweight and instantly polished.

Don't believe me? Check out my hair from when I had the treatment on Monday below. On the left, sad, Monday hair. On the right, K Water glossiness.

It's applied in a zigzag into the hair, worked into the lengths and ends and it takes no more time than conditioning would. Though prices may vary per salon, it costs from €8 to €11. I had K Water applied to my hair on Monday and left with hair that stayed fluid, silky soft with megawatt shine until Wednesday, then I boosted it with dry shampoo on Thursday and now, on Friday, I still haven't washed it yet. My hair still looks glossy smooth, five days in.

Kérastase K Water is available in salons now with prices ranging from €8 to €11. 

Photography by Kérastase.


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